Crytek 3 vs. Unreal 4, 2013
First the trailers...


Next, the pricing.

There is a free edition of the CryEngine for non-commercial use. There is also a 'royalty only' pricing model that will allow you to sell your game commercially, but you will have to pay Crytek 20%. Crytek offers other models but they do not provide further details, you will have to email them.

There is a free edition of Unreal as well, but there does not appear to be a price listed. Apparently it is only sold to 'experienced professional game developers'. I think that means it is expensive.

Both engines seem easy enough to use. As you can see from the trailers the results can be quite spectacular. Crytek is much more friendly to novices as it supports a royalty only pricing model. That is likely to lead to a much wider developer base in the future. That will mean more free source code, tutorials, etc. Using the free version of Unreal to train with as a novice might lead to a lot of wasted training time later on if you can't afford the engine and want to try your hand at a small commercial game. I've seen small teams of developers donating time towards this type of effort, that type of business model might not be possible with Unreal.

They say real men use hex editors, but I'm picking Crytek as a clear winner here anyways.


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